Hickok Homes

James Hickok

9000 W 64th Terr.
Merriam, KS 66202


Hickok Homes is a branch of the historic real estate company Hickok-Dible Companies, which was founded in 1904 by Napoleon Dible, who was famous for the Dible tutor house and developing the South side of ward parkway.

James Hickok is 4th generation in the company, and doesn’t plan on missing a step in growing the company’s success. As multi-family interests him, his heart lies in the creative aspect of designing single family residences.

The importance of using top tier design tactics is key to him. He is lucky enough to learn from some of the best designers in the city, yet still has a way to give houses the “Hickok Homes Touch”. Whether it’s a million dollar house or a 200,000 dollar house, if you are working with Hickok homes you will receive the highest quality in product, service, and respect, because “you are nothing without your name”.