Homes by Chris LLC

Stanton, Chris & Roy Ragland

1621 Hampshire Ct.
Liberty MO 64068


Homes by Chris has been a celebrated designer and builder in the Kansas City area for over 20 years. Founded and operated by Chris and Roy Ragland, this dynamic husband and wife team has crafted more than 300 homes in the Northland area. Their journey began years ago at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where they met. Chris, who graduated in economics from UMC, later earned an MBA from Rockhurst University. She spent two decades in corporate project management before venturing into the building industry. On the other hand, Roy started as a Realtor and, in 2003, joined forces with Chris to establish their building company.

The magic behind their success lies in the synergy of their backgrounds. Roy’s extensive experience in real estate and Chris’s corporate management skills result in a unique commitment to detail, allowing them to create homes that perfectly align with their clients’ desires, encompassing energy-efficiency, aesthetics, functionality, and design. What truly sets them apart is the personal touch they offer. Clients have the unique opportunity to work directly with Chris and Roy, a rare experience in the building industry.

While each of their homes is custom and distinctive, they share a signature style characterized by a streamlined and fresh design with subtle craftsman details. Extensive woodwork and natural stone create a seamless blend of the outdoor and indoor living spaces, making for an inviting and harmonious environment.

Chris’s unique talent lies in her ability to infuse each home with a family’s unique story. Among all the features that can be added to a home, personality is the most valuable, and it naturally radiates from a well-crafted home that caters to a family’s lifestyle. Chris firmly believes that homes should not only be beautiful but also functional for the families living in them.

Roy is equally skilled in crafting custom homes, with a particular knack for selecting the perfect lot and envisioning a home that harmonizes with the chosen location. He derives immense satisfaction from guiding clients through the process, from site selection to final design.

As the future of Homes by Chris unfolds, a significant development is on the horizon. Stanton, the son of Chris and Roy, is poised to take a leadership role within the business. Carrying forward the family legacy, Stanton is well-prepared to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas while benefiting from the invaluable wisdom and expertise passed down from his parents. Stanton’s unique blend of insights and skills, combined with the foundational principles of commitment to detail, exceptional design, and personalized service, will ensure the continued success of Homes by Chris for generations to come.

Stanton’s introduction into the business adds a new dimension to the legacy. His enthusiasm, vision, and dedication to maintaining the high standards set by his parents promise an exciting future for the company. As the torch is passed to the next generation, Homes by Chris remains committed to creating dream homes and delivering exceptional service to homeowners in the Kansas City area. With Stanton’s involvement, the company is set to evolve while staying true to its roots and the personalized touch that has made it a hallmark of quality in the home design and construction industry.